hawk_littlebear (transman58) wrote in disabledandfit,

having major wheelchair issues......

so, my power chair is not running.  i'm not sure what is wrong with it, but i put it on the charger last night and when i tried to move it this morning, the LED indicator just blinked and the chair would not move.   i disengaged the battery for a few minutes and moved the chair into the living room.  i re-engaged the battery and turned it on, but still nothing.  this is a really upsetting turn of events because i have school on tuesday, and i really need the chair for school.
unfortunately, because of Labor Day, i can't call anyone about repairs until tuesday.  so, i will have to use my manual chair until this situation is resolved.

this is not the way i wanted to start out the semester, but the powers that be must have a different plan.

if anyone has knowledge of the Quickie P220 that may be assistance, i would be eternally grateful.

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